Last year's Chief Picker Dave Schmidt receiving coveted CP Plaque from previous winner, Sam "The Bam" Breuklander
Last year's Chief Picker Dave Schmidt receiving coveted CP Plaque from previous winner, Sam "The Bam" Breuklander


  1. Agree to pay an entry fee of $20.00 and any future "buy-backs" prior to the end of the first round or as you exit the contest.
  2. Must be a member of the Century Club.  A member may “sponsor” another however, the member will be responsible for: submitting the sponsored individual’s picks, paying for them and, should they win, they will be required to join the club prior to the Sports Banquet in June.
  3. Each week, starting with the first regular season NFL Thursday game on September 7, 2023, choose 1 team to win their game outright.  NO point spreads are involved.  The contest goes through the regular season and play-offs until a winner is crowned.  If more than one player remains prior to the Superbowl, we’ll have a tiebreaker on Super Bowl Sunday.
  4. ALL games are eligible Thursday through Monday.
  5. If your team loses, you are out of the contest for the rest of the season.  You will be able to “rebuy” back into the game as many times as you wish until the end of the 9h week.  All rules continue to apply to those who “rebuy”.  No “sitting out” and then buying back in.
  6. If your team wins or ties, you will go onto the next week of play.  You keep on playing week by week until you are out of the contest.
  7. You can only use a team 1 time during the season!!!!  Please keep track of your picks!  We will….
  8. Your pick of the week must be e-mailed to Dan Gooch one hour before the Thursday games and by 6:00 P.M. Friday evenings for all others.    E-mail your pick to  This is so that we can send out the picks on Saturday & everyone can see that week’s “action”.  If your pick is one minute late…. see #9.  NO PHONING IN YOUR PICS…GOTTA BE BY EMAIL!
  9. Save your emails in case there is a dispute regarding your weekly pick or the timeliness of your pick.
  10. If you forget to select a team for the current week, or get your pick in late, you will be given one of the teams playing on Monday Night Football…. the “designated default team”.  Also, if you forget to submit and must use the “default team” and you’ve already used that team, you’ll be assigned the other team.  If you’ve already used that one too, YOU ARE OUT!
  11. The GRAND WINNER will be crowned the “Champion”, select a deserving athlete at one of our future events to receive a scholarship, awarded a plaque and, of course, “something good!”