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Long Beach Century Club
All Sports Banquet


Monday June 17, 2024

On June 19, 2023, the Long Beach Century Club members and our guests reflected on the past achievements of our Hall of Fame inductees, the accomplishments of our Co-Athletes of the Year; student-athletes representing Long Beach State, Long Beach City College; our city’s high school Players of the Year; and the commitment to Long Beach sports by our community honorees.

2023 Honorees
Hall of Fame Inductees
Lorene Morgan
Jered Weaver
Rob Wigod

Athletes of the Year
Joel Bitonio
Jeff McNeil

2023 Banquet Questions

If you have a question about the 66th Hall of Fame Banquet in June 2023, please email us:

The 64th Annual Sports Night Banquet was huge success! Thank you to our Century Club Members and attendees for a special night. You can read the event summary and see photos here:

64th Annual Sports Night Banquet

Want to see the Mayor's Speech? Check out the video here: